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We are happy to see you are interested in Mexico as a business location. For decades the country has attracted international companies to establish themselves here.

Presenting a young population of currently 112 million inhabitants and one of the highest GDPs per capita in Latin America, Mexico is an increasingly attractive market for foreign investors. Over the last years, the Mexican Government has steadily improved and simplified the legal framework for foreign companies in order to facilitate these processes.

Over 1,200 German companies are already established in Mexico facing every day the rapidly changing and complex demands of the Mexican tax system. This is where companies request the advice of Wagner Muñoz & Partners.

Our specialty is the Mexican market, supported by our employees’ long-established local reputation and international experience, as well as our extensive and comprehensive business knowledge. We know the requirements of foreign companies investing in Mexico, and have vast experience overcoming the hurdles often faced by these ventures. This enables us to effectively support our clients in the handling of these challenges. We will partner closely with your company, to help you leverage the greatest potential in Mexico, and to benefit from all that the country and region have to offer.

Coordinating our countrywide services from the central cities Mexico City and Querétaro, we handle your requests locally and flexible. Our customer-oriented services rely on a company policy of top quality services for our customers, in order to transmit confidence and security that allows you to focus on your core competencies and the growth of your businesses.

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